Heating and Cooling Repairs

Our technicians at Century Services Heating & Cooling Experts are highly qualified and attend classes year round to stay up to date on the latest equipment and techniques for servicing all brands of heat pumps, gas furnaces, air conditioners and mini split systems. 

Ask our staff about our FREE second opinionit is always a good idea to have a second opinion when you are told your system needs a large repair or needs to be replacedContact us at 828-466-2112 today to schedule your next service appointment!

Things to Check before Calling for Service

  • Make sure all breakers are on
  • Make sure your filters are clean - a clogged filter can reduce system performance by reducing air flow
  • Make sure your T-Stat is on the proper setting (allow time for the time delay, preferably at least five minutes)
  • If you have a programmable T-Stat, check the current schedule that it is on
HVAC repair
Above is a picture of a clean filter versus a dirty filter. A clogged filter or dirty coils causes poor air flow that can cause the system to freeze up and not cool or heat properly. With a clogged filter or dirty coils the system has to work harder to achieve a desired temperature leading to strain on the system, damage to components and higher electric bills.  
HVAC repair
Above is a picture of a flue pipe for a gas furnace that has rusted through. A rusted flue pipe can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. This was caught and replaced during a maintenance visit.  
Outdoor unit that has frozen up
The picture above is of an outdoor unit that has frozen up. A heat pump can freeze up for a number of reasons. It can be low in refrigerant, have a refrigerant restriction, bad expansion valve, poor air flow due to dirty coils or bad condenser fan motor etc. If your unit is freezing up and does not defrost during the defrost cycle we recommend for a technician to come out and diagnose the problem.  
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